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“Vocalist. Dancer. Writer. Director. Provocateur. Eriel Indigo has become an artist in flux, refusing to stagnate in a singular role...With a mirror in hand, Eriel Indigo reflects our hidden social pathologies back at us. Hopefully, those listening will take note, examine themselves, and initiate a meaningful course correction.``

    ~Hip Hop Weekly

“Her brand of the off-the-cuff, genre-bending music is always engaging.”

   ~The Word is Bond


"Keep an eye on Indigo - with her striking imagery, pure prowess and strident gameplan, there's little that's going to halt her ascent.”
~Line of Best Fit

“INDIGO riles up our revolutionary spirits and tugs at our vulnerable heartstrings. In an age of label born and bred performers, she breaks the mold as a multi-faceted artist.”

   ~The Hype Magazine 

 “The industry has proven many times that it can turn a profit off of a good image with a so-so sound, while it’s not as easy to do on the flip-side, no matter the amount of musical talent. Luckily, we come across artists sometimes who are able to mesh both, making them diamonds in the rough. Hailing from Los Angeles, rising rapper ERIEL INDIGO proves she’s among the latter”

   ~On Tha Rize Mag

“It is rarer and rarer to discover creative artists, as everybody tends to sound the same. Offering new sounds to the table is not an easy thing but our discovery of the day “Renegades”, by Eriel Indigo, proves that it is not impossible.”

   ~The Further

“Stylishly establishing herself as the face of new generation hip hop, artist ERIEL INDIGO is taking off to create a havoc impression. Driven by her unapologetic attitude and intimidating aura, the California Versatile Music Artist has given a defined taste of her unique musical approach and is distinguishable from the others”

   ~World Front News

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